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 Erp services and programmsAn Enterprise-Resource-Planning-System supports all running business processes within a corporation. Because of this it should be optimal adjusted to your needs. Gladly we help you to find the right software for your corporation. We adopt the installation and familiarization for you and help you with problems and questions.

 LexwareIf you lead a small or middle corporation and need for a cheap ERP-Software or you want to self-manage your private finances, Lexware is the ideal solution. As Lexware Silver partner we offer you the optimum support for the installation, setup, adjustment and optimization of software for your purposes.

 Enterprise SecurityThe security of your data is the basic requirement for a successful corporation. Both the internet as well as the intranet keep risks which can endanger the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data. With our expert knowledge we help you to make sure that your company has a complete security concept.


 Windows and LinuxIf you are using Windows or Linux and want to do an actualisation, have problems or want to introduce a new software or operation system we help you with our competent expert knowledge.

 Database specialistA professional administration and care of your databases is the basic for your systems to turn them reliable and available. We help you with installations, facility, creation or service and support of your database.

 IndividualprogrammingIf Standard-Systems are not able to satisfy the needs of your company we offer you an individualprogramming which is adjusted to your company, your products and your requirements.


 Training and WebinarGladly we be available for you in seminars or online in webinars for detailed program introductions or questions to products or problems.

 Other servicesYou have another problem in the area of EDV and need help? Please contact us.