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Enterprise security

 2MAD-Mail-SystemMalware blocking - Secure mail traffic Block malicious software which will be sent via e-mail the access to your company and recognize dangerous mails at first glance.

 Data security breach alarm Find hijacked accounts - Limit damage Protect your data from criminals and be alerted immediately by our service, as soon as someone publishes personal data on the Internet.

 Security-training Recognize dangers - Avoid infectionsOur security experts give you a wealth of knowledge about security and answer your questions to protect your business in the best way.


 Digital certificatesCertified protection - Trusted workProtect your e-mail traffic using digital certificates (S / MIME, PGP), encrypt important messages and improve the trust of your partners in your sented mails.

 PenetrationstestsIdentify weaknesses - Reduce attack surface Are you through the knowledge of our experts the hackers always one step ahead and close security gaps before you be targeted attacked through them.

 Digitale Forensik Secure evidence - Enlighten offensesWe help you with our expertise to educate IT security incidents through our unbroken chain of evidence and to secure evidence which can be used in court.