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Our goal is to adequate protect your business with our prevention packages against "ransomware", "social engineering" and other malware, so that hackers have no way to get access to your systems and data or even your company / organization to decommission and to extort ransom. Therefore we inform you in this post how you can protect yourself in the best way against it and what preventive packages we offer to you for your protection so that in the future the safety, operation and functionality of your company / organization is guaranteed.

How can I infect me?

The way how you can get the threat is unfortunately very versatile because there are many attack vectors in IT. The following scenarios are possible:

  • by E-Mail (z.B. Spam or Phishing-Mails, groomed Office-Documents/PDFs, etc.)
  • by Internet Browser (all Drive-By Infections, groomed websites, etc.)
  • external/internal Hardware (z.B. USB-Stick, hard drives, CD/DVD)
  • Online Memory (z.B. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Vulnerabilities in the operating system (Client/Server/Smartphone)
  • Vulnerabilities in the used software (e.g. Java, Adobe Flash Player, etc.)
  • Unprotected remote maintenance access (e.g. Teamviewer, Remote Desktop)
  • Untrained staff

How can I protect myself against it?

For this purpose, a hardware firewall with Proxy, URL filter, and additional anti-malware solution is necessary such as an Intrusion Detection System with Intrusion Prevention System in order to be able to close the technical gateway more. At the same time it is strongly recommended to raise the awareness of the employees to reduce the gateway human to a minimum, which is mainly used for phishing and Internet browsing infections. Even in dealing with external storage media of any kind or the private computer use is nowadays extreme caution offered and has to be explained clearly to the staff. Furthermore it is possibly necessary to optimize or respectively expand the backup strategies and a hedge of email traffic. Of course it is likewise important to keep all the installed software on the computers up to date.

To reduce the characterized resulting workload, the controlling and the monitoring. We have made special software for this purpose, which tells you in real time all the existing risks in your business and if you want to us too, to be able to react promptly.

Thus the risk of a malware infestation and the associated therewith damage reduced to a minimum. The otherwise payable ransom thus stands for the development of the company / organization to disposal and need not be handed out to the extortionists.

Our prevention packages include as desired the following measures:

  • Firewall solutions with Proxy, URL filter, special Anti-Malware Software, Geo-blocking, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) with Intrusion-Prevention-System (IPS)
  • Monitoring the installation of patches and software updates
  • Minimize the attack surface by the analysis the required software and browser plug-ins
  • Treatment and protection of e-mail / spam on the client respectively server
  • Protection of remote access
  • Verification of the safe handling of administrator accounts
  • (real time-)Verification of virus protection on client / server
  • (real time-)Verification of backup activities and the backup concept
  • Further protections on the Client/Server
  • Measures which prevent the execution of unwanted software
  • Facilitiy of two-factor authentication (2FA) for the Corporate Communications
  • Assistance in the development of corporate and employee guidelines for the IT sector
  • Training for staff awareness
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

If interested please contact us in time, to clarify the extent and find out which protection options are necessary for you. You can also use our Contact form


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